Saturday, August 29, 2015


Longtime readers of this, the second best blog called Measure of Doubt will have picked up on the fact that your noble is author is slightly OCD.  Titles are always one word and I only ever have one picture, which appears in the top left corner.

I have a variety of OCD habits that I am at a loss to explain, many of them stemming from childhood. My solution is to be really very messy – I am currently aiming to achieve maximum entropy in my office. When things are moderately clean my OCD kicks in, and I have to make sure the books are perfectly square with the lip of the bookshelf and whatnot. When it's complete chaos, I don't bother.

Anyway, all that brings me around to superheroes. There's something I want to discuss, briefly, and it will require me to do something unprecedented on MOD: namely, post more than one picture. So maximum entropy to overcome the OCD.

Here's a bunch of movie and TV posters about Superheroes. These are all real. I noticed something.

Here are Batman and Superman. Looking down.

Here's Spiderman, looking down. Maybe something fell out of his pocket while he was climbing walls or hanging upside down.

The Flash, looking way down.

 Captain America, looking so far down he may actually have nodded off. 

 And again. Bear in mind he's a WWII vet and getting up there. 

In case you thought maybe it was the helmet, weighing his head down. Nope. 

Here are Bruce Banner and the Hulk, both looking down. Banner is wondering how the Hulk fits into his pants, why a Hulk sized dingle doesn't flop out every time he gets angry.

A completely different Superman, looking down. Lois Lane, however, is looking up. She's thinking, "What is wrong with him? He's got issues."

Speaking of issues. Mr. Issues himself, looking down. 

The Dark Knight Rises, but he's looking down. 

Wolverine, looking down. In fairness, it is raining.

 Daredevil, looking down, which is odd. Because he's blind. What's he looking at?

Here we have Iron Man, looking down-ish. Or, in his case, Downey-ish. 

But his sidekick and corporate CEO Pepper Pots is most definitely looking down.  

Green Arrow is too cool to look way down so he just inclines his chin slightly. 

Thor, down. But as far as I'm concerned that Chris Hemsworth can look at me anyway he wants. Also Black Widow, doing the slight chin incline thing because too cool.

Bad guys look down sometimes, too.  Here's Loki, looking down but at you at the same time, to stress his unpredictable nature.

Whereas Ultron looks down AND turns his back on you just to be rude.

 I don't even know what this villain's name is but he is looking down

 Okay, this is not just looking down. This is a cry for help. Which, you would also make if you had been in Spider Man 3. 

...or if you were going to prison for tax evasion.  

Some of the Watchmen are looking down. But they need to watch you. So they have to be careful about that.

Some people in this poster are looking down. But Ant Man is more-or-less looking on the level. He is very tiny, after all, and might get stepped on if he looked down.

Shhh. Shhh. It will be okay.